Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Chief Finance & Operations Officer 150 150
Our Generation Speaks
January 12, 2023
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Kara White


Our Generation Speaks (OGS) seeks an individual with strategic sensibility who is a thought partner to be the first Chief Finance & Operations Officer of the organization.

Our Generation Speaks (OGS) is the first and largest Israeli-Palestinian startup accelerator designed to connect the next generation of Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs.

OGS at its core is a cutting-edge, fast-paced entrepreneurial organization, infused with energy, mission, and purpose. OGS is partnering with Boyden Boston to seek candidates who share a passion for relationship-building, advancing ideas and leadership, and creating a generation of Israelis and Palestinians committed to shaping a peaceful future built on trust.

OGS is launching the search to hire its first Chief Finance and Operations Officer (CFOO) who will have the tremendous opportunity to build, expand, and strengthen the organization. The CFOO will bring to OGS a strong finance, HR, and operations background and strategic sensibility. S/He will act as a collaborative thought partner and critical member of its small leadership team responsible for financial decision making. Embracing the challenges of this opportunity, the CFOO will work to strengthen overall organizational capacity and impact, ensure compliance with the USAID award and align strategy and operations. S/He will be a team player with a strong connection to OGS’s bigger mission of an Israeli-Palestinian peaceful future, where there are no easy answers.

The successful candidate will be a hands-on and participative manager who will lead to develop a strong finance and operations team. Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Finance and Operations Officer (CFOO) will be responsible for overseeing overall organizational operations, including finance, human resources, administration, business planning, legal, and information technology.

Qualified applicants are invited to send a resume and cover letter to Wendy Wilsker, Managing Partner, or Tamar Copeland, Executive Search Consultant,