Crowdfunding Specialist

Crowdfunding Specialist

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Kids Christian Fishing Club
September 30, 2022
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Gary Bobell


Kids Christian Fishing Club is seeking a full-time Crowdfunding Specialist to manage all of online donation profiles and marketing for crowdfunding. This position will lead our organization and help drive donations from as many relevant crowdfunding platforms as possible and promote these programs and our organization on social media.

The Kids Christian Fishing Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization teaching underprivileged children 8 - 18, the basics precepts of sustenance fishing, while providing them a fun, safe, nurturing, and enriching learning environment. We aim to encourage confidence, positive self-image and clear life-style choices in order to instill strong moral grounding in today's youth. The activities will primarily be focused on teaching them how to fish, make lures, flies, and repair equipment. We provide a safe haven where youth can come after school and on weekends to have fun in an environment devoid of drugs, alcohol, or gang influence.

This position is a wonderful opportunity to help an impactful cause and gain valuable professional experience in development. In the role the Crowdfunding Specialist will be responsible for obtaining and driving all traffic to each crowdfunding platform by signing up our organization and building social media campaigns to attract the attention of donors. We have wonderful opportunity to leverage our google grants award, as well as grant making to grow this incredible organization.

Individuals who are responsible, motivated, professional, and seek to help grow an organizations development capacity highly encouraged to apply. This position requires five prior years of work experience and passion for our mission. Please take the time to view our website and our mission. The is a wonderful opportunity to help youth and work for an impactful organization.

Compensation. This position has exceptional earning position and starts as a commission only opportunity. For the right motivated individual exceptional earning are very attainable. This position offers strong room for professional growth.


How To Apply

Please email your resume to or call (760) 840-8685 for more information.

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Gary Bobell-- Founder of