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Share Your Organizational News Free On Foundation List

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Foundation List welcomes you to share your organizations, news, events, and or positive PR with our readers! Submit proposed text and an image that would be of interest to our readers, and it would be our pleasure to share it! We truly enjoy being a free source to post nonprofit news for foundations, nonprofits, educational institutions, government, unions and associations.

After all, it is our mission to connect nonprofits to passionate mission-minded job seekers! And we thrive off of sharing wonderful stories and news about our clients and readers! Contact us today! This is a free service for selected content!

To post nonprofit news send your release or pitch to with an image.  We would be happy to consider sharing with our readers! Depending on client demand we share news about events, missions, new programs, issues, and or successes! For more information we welcome you to get in touch with our staff today!

About Foundation List

Foundation List is a job board specifically designed for listing opportunities within the nonprofit employment sector!  It is our mission to connect foundations, organizations, associations, and educational institutions to passionate mission-minded job seekers.

It feels good to make a difference on a daily basis. Our team truly enjoys spreading the word about new nonprofit jobs posted on Foundation List. From targeted tweets about every nonprofit job posted on our list, to blog articles shared about new impactful programs being added in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector – we enjoy promoting the nonprofit community and your work!

Our History | Nonprofit Jobs

Foundation List was founded by Human Resources experts, nonprofit staff and volunteers. That is why we have made it our mission to help nonprofits and job seekers while doing good for local, national, and international organizations and communities! As a social venue we help to make available nonprofit job opportunities and share information and news about the sector as a whole!

We also offer a free public platform (called the Foundation Forum) where individuals may discuss industry and foundation trends, challenges, ask questions, and network with other current nonprofit staff or interested professionals. We welcome you to contact us via email if you have news to share or events that are of particular interest to our readers. It is with great pride that we service and help the Foundation sector and nonprofits alike. Learn more.