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The Flourishing Nonprofit Landscape in Texas

Texas boasts a vibrant nonprofit sector, teeming with opportunities across various fields. As per a recent report by the Center for Public Policy Priorities, the nonprofit sector in the Lone Star State employs over 680,000 individuals, contributing significantly to the state’s workforce, accounting for nearly 7%.

Emerging Hotspots: Cities and Sectors

City Hotspots: Houston, Dallas, and Austin stand out as burgeoning hubs for nonprofit employment in Texas. These urban centers host a myriad of nonprofit organizations catering to diverse needs.

Growing Sectors: Several sectors within the nonprofit realm have experienced rapid expansion in Texas, notably healthcare, social assistance, and education. However, environmental conservation is emerging as a promising field, fueled by escalating concerns about climate change and sustainability.

In-Demand Roles and Salaries

High-Demand Jobs: Positions in healthcare, education, and social assistance remain highly sought-after in Texas’s nonprofit landscape. Roles such as healthcare professionals, educators, and social workers are consistently in demand.

Fastest-Growing Positions: With changing demographics and societal needs, certain roles are witnessing a significant increase in demand. Jobs related to environmental conservation, senior care services, and community outreach are among the fastest-growing in Texas’s nonprofit sector.

Compensation Insights

While compensation for nonprofit positions in Texas varies depending on the sector and the organization, it’s essential to note that nonprofit workers in the state typically earn slightly less than the national average. However, compensation levels fluctuate across sectors, with fields such as healthcare and education often offering more competitive salaries.

For individuals seeking fulfilling career opportunities in the nonprofit sector, Texas offers a dynamic landscape ripe with possibilities.

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Texas Nonprofit Jobs: A check List For How to Find Work in the Nonprofit Sector

Do you want to find work in the nonprofit sector, and or do you need advice on where to search nonprofit jobs? Following is information on how best to go about searching for Texas nonprofit jobs, a wonderful list of nonprofit job sites and locations you may want to utilize in finding a non-profit job, and also wonderful links to relevant articles about seeking nonprofit jobs and where online to look!

A Check List To Help You Find Texas Nonprofit Jobs:

  • Understand how the nonprofit sector is different.
  • Learn how fundraising works and how organizational missions work and can be funded. No matter what position you are seeking, you will need to understand how the nonprofit sector works. Introduction to nonprofit fundraising.
  • Find and gain real experience working with a nonprofit; either volunteering, on a board, or on a project.
  • Read and understanding how Foundations work; who they fund, and what are restricted vs. unrestricted funds are.
  • Create a resume that mission driven. Both your cover letter and resume will need to show that you have the skills to do the nonprofit work required. You will need to be able to speak to how your background relates to the requirements of the position.
  • Know the language (nomenclature) of the nonprofit sector. Never call a nonprofit a company, and know that grantmaking means, vs. grant writing. Very generally speaking grantmaking is the act of funding a nonprofit from a foundation via offering a grant, and grant writing is the activity of writing a grant proposal to be sent out to potential funders such as to foundations, state, corporate and or federal agencies.
  • Join a nonprofit board if you are seeking a Director job or higher in the nonprofit sector. If you need help finding one, you could plan to travel and attend Board Match at one of the cities nationally.
  • Start building a new network. Find and book some informational interviews with nonprofit you are interested in. Use our network and contact people you know in the nonprofit sector. If you do not yet know anyone, plan on going to a nonprofit meetup or networking event locally near you. Then, try to meet someone, learn about what they do, and ask professionally if they would be open to grabbing a cup of coffee to offer more about how they ended up working in nonprofits, to learn more about their organization, and their work and interests. Tell them you would be interested in learning about their work, and keep it less about you, until they ask.
  • Start following nonprofit groups on linkedIn, Twitter/X, and reading nonprofit publications.
  • Understand and use the top nonprofit job boards to learn about new opportunities that could be a strong match for your already established skill-set.
  • Apply individually to each open position, crafting your resume and cover letter to be meet the needs and requirements of the exact position you are applying for. In your cover letter express why you are passionate about the nonprofits programs and mission, and also explain what you have accomplished and would potentially bring to the role if selected.
  • Be professional, not a pest. Follow-up but do on their terms. If you are applying from the corporate sector, that’s wonderful, but do not expect special treatment and or do not fall into the assumption that your skill-set is easy to understand how it relates to the nonprofit sector job.  Be clear on what skills you bring and what you could accomplish in the role. The number one reason corporate candidates do not find work in the nonprofit sector is for failing to phrase and customize their background to show how they would be beneficial to the nonprofit job.  Sending your existing corporate resume with an added new paragraph about your interest in their mission is not enough. Put the work in.
  • Understand what you qualify for in the nonprofit sector, and be strategic. You may need to consult with other nonprofit professionals or people you know. Ask them what jobs they feel someone with your background could qualify for in the nonprofit sector, and what the pay range is normally. First understanding how nonprofits view your experience is paramount to learning what positions you can immediately gain, and or what steps you may still need to get more experience to land your dream job.
  • Be honest, energetic, positive, professional and show what you can do.
  • Go out and start applying. Refer to the list of nonprofit job sites below in this post.


Where are the most Texas nonprofit jobs?

Nonprofit employment is a growing sector in Texas, and in the South. In cites with the highest overall percentage growth of population also have the largest nonprofit job growth in Texas. Texas has over 1.4 million employees in the nonprofit sector and creates over 110 billion towards Texas GDP. According to a recent survey by the uwtexas.org: Texas Nonprofits at a Glance, Texas has over 106,764 nonprofit organizations with the following breakdown:

  • Human Services: 25,015
  • Religious Related: 23,515
  • Humanities: 6,986
  • Philanthropy: 6,555
  • Education: 5,223
  • Higher Education: 360
  • Hospitals: 220
  • Community, Membership, Military, Veteran, Environmental and Animal Orgs: 23,422

Generally speaking the cities with the most nonprofit employment in Texas include Dallas and Houston (which account for more than half the state), and other larger cities such as Austin, San Antonio have significant growing nonprofit numbers. West Texas, South Texas, Central Texas, and East Texas also bring relatively balanced amounts of jobs compare to the large Texas cities.

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