Senior Account Manager / Nonprofit Enterprise

Senior Account Manager / Nonprofit Enterprise

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August 2, 2021
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Amy N/A Cooperstock


**Top Account Management Responsibilities**:

* Develop and grow strategic partnerships with Premier NPO Members (who raise $250k annually) to increase brand reputation, member engagement, member referrals, dollars raised, and platform adoption
* Build personal relationships that extend our values and increase loyalty with our top members
* Identify potential new Premier NPO Members in early stages of Membership
* Manage and grow Nonprofit Members who raise $250K+ annually
* Identify and build strategic relationships with Nonprofits that have the potential to exceed $250K
* Set strategy to increase platform adoption, retention rates, and referrals from $250k Members
* Candidate would have to understand what the big moments of the year are for this nonprofit and build a working knowledge of critical giving days and events
* Working to win more business, aka, where a nonprofit runs large events where we might have played a small part, where we can play a larger part.
* Understand the objection: why are they not using us for a given event/critical fundraiser

**Cross-Team Innovative Responsibilities**:
* Co-create scalable cross-team processes w/ Marketing Team to achieve goals
* Collaborate with New Member Account Manager to build a seamless handoff process for top accounts
* Collaborate with Customer Support Team + Technical Solutions Team to develop a coordinated VIP experience for $250k Members to find solutions for technical and support needs
* Sync strategic visions with Marketing Team to expedite creating rich content such as case studies, knowledge documentation, and member programs to hit goals.
* Maintain all member info in Salesforce to strategically collaborate with other teams: Customer Support + Marketing
* Identify opportunities for innovation and evolution in current internal systems, processes, and work with Product Team to increase total Power NPO Members utilization

**Product Development + Advocacy Responsibilities**:
* Identify, track, and provide insights to the Product Team about $250k+ Members product feedback, needs, churn red flags.
* Partner with Product & Marketing to develop a launch strategy for new products
* Advocate for Premier NPOs internally resulting in a more successfully adopted product roadmap, product launches, and more customized messaging
* Develop and maintain a pipeline of Beta Testers of Power NPO Members to better inform new features and the product roadmap.
* Act as a prominent advocate internally representing the needs, interests, and concerns of Premier NPOs regarding Product.
* Influence outbound Mktg, Product, and CSS messaging to result in best experience of delivery and content to $250k+ Members
**Internal Systems Responsibilities**:
* Help improve and customize new Salesforce CRM to track member relations
* Help leverage our CRM to provide better insights into our members.
* Support product, synthesize customer feedback and usage into actionable themes
* Leverage CRM segmentation and establish an integrated and scalable approach to achieve and exceed goals.

**Key Metrics of Success for this Role**:
* Increased use of GL platform for key events and fundraisers for NPOs
* Reduce churn rate of NPOs YoY
* Maintain and increase high CSAT results of Partnership experience for NPOs
* Increase number of NPO referrals
* Increase total number of Nonprofit Members who raise over $250k YoY
* Increase average amount raised by NPOs YoY

**Experience Requirements:**
* 6-8+ years experience in enterprise client success and account management
* 4+ years experience in account management at a SaaS organization
* Significant experience in the Nonprofit Sector, particularly with Development Director/Executive Director and/or C-Suite level decision makers
* Experience collaborating with Product + Engineering Team, a penchant for product
* Proficient CRM skills and experience, particularly Salesforce
* Self-starter, self-motivated, and comfortable with the non-revenue generating nature of our company and how it differentiates from a typical revenue-oriented, commission-based sales role.

How To Apply

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