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The Network Weaver will work deeply with Pop Culture Collaborative community members to create and activate opportunities for ongoing knowledge...
Pop Culture Collaborative
January 14, 2021
6 W 48th St., Fl 10. New York, NY 10036-1802, Virtual
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Fabiola Feliciano Batista


The Network Weaver will work deeply with Pop Culture Collaborative community members to create and activate opportunities for ongoing knowledge exchange, relationship and community building, collaboration, and project amplification. Specifically, this individual will:




  • Map the relationships and networks within the Collaborative’s ecosystem of partners to identify opportunities for connection and coordination across projects and strategies;
  • Identify best practices for network systems formation and management;
  • Design effective systems and operationalize them across the Collaborative programs and activities.
  • Regularly review the network ecosystem map, constantly refining the organization’s understanding of the broad range of work underway, how grantees and other partners are evolving their strategies, and how their impact can be multiplied through collaboration and coordination with others in the Collaborative ecosystem.




  • Routinely connect with individual grantees, Senior Fellows, cohort members, and other partners to foster and deepen relationships and unearth new connections and synergies between different stakeholders.
  • Catalyze and coordinate network-wide activities, including developing and managing virtual and in person (when appropriate) gathering spaces that ensure the Collaborative community—and particularly the Becoming America narrative network—is sufficiently supported to learn, share and coordinate/create with one another.
  • Work with the Collaborative’s leadership team and advisors to develop and host deeper learning immersions for community and network members, including narrative system design and activation sessions, research briefings, insight presentations, strategy sharing sessions, and other experiences.
  • Provide ongoing briefings to staff/consultants/network participants to ensure all relevant parties have context for active network projects, partnerships and activities.
  • Help craft materials for partner outreach/engagement, learning opportunities, and network activities/virtual convenings.




  • Work with staff and consultants to conduct ongoing outreach to potential new grantees and industry partners to help expand the reach and impact of the Pop Culture Collaborative community. Examples include:
    • Major entertainment and tech industry brands who can provide production and distribution financing and access to Collaborative-funded projects;
    • High-profile artist/athlete influencers and the fandom architects who organize their fans (e.g., Beyhive, Little Monsters, Wakanda, Colin Kaepernick); and
    • Social media influencers
    • Advertising and Branding


  • Work closely with staff, consultants, grantees, and partners to coordinate the sharing of insights from the range of impact evaluation and learning projects they are individually and collaboratively conducting, including advising on the creation of reports and other media products aimed at telling the story of this community’s impact.

Qualifications and Expertise

  • A natural connector and relationship-builder.
  • Expansive networks and deep and diverse relationships within the pop culture for social change field, including in the entertainment industry, social justice sector, and in philanthropy.
  • Experience building and nurturing networks, coalitions, or communities that encompass a range of perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Understanding of how digital platforms and cultural strategies can drive engagement for mass audiences. audience engagement.
  • Experience designing in-person gatherings and virtual webinars
  • Strong organizational, planning and logistics skills with the ability to advance multiple priorities/projects concurrently.
  • Exceptional attention to detail while managing multiple relationships and projects.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate across differences.
  • Ability to work independently and think creatively about how to leverage the resources at your disposal.
  • Excellent writing, editing, and communication skills.
  • A well-honed instinct to proactively advance projects and solve problems.
  • Gratified by a role that works in service to the Collaborative’s programs, staff, and grantees.
  • Ability to work productively and with self-directed discipline in a virtual environment. NY, LA, or Bay Area homebase is preferred in order to facilitate in-person engagement with staff, Managing Partners, and grantees
  • A strong sense of camaraderie, good natured attitude, instinct towards kindness, the ability to be formal or informal as the context requires, and a commitment to working hard.
  • BA/BS preferred.

How To Apply

To Apply:


Please submit a cover letter that speaks to the power and potential of this role and why you are

well-suited to fill it, along with your resume to:


Pop Culture Collaborative is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc. (RPA). RPA is an equal opportunity employer.

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