Light on the Hill
October 1, 2019
Van Etten, NY
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209 Blake Hill Rd
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Mark Karlsen


We are searching for a full-time Manager(s) for Light on the Hill Retreat Center in Van Etten, NY to begin early in 2020. Light on the Hill (LOH) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide a supportive, empowering, and inspiring environment where individuals and groups can find space for reflection and engage in deep inner work.

We are seeking applicants with proven leadership abilities, who can manage and inspire staff, and who want to dedicate themselves to the Center’s mission. The position requires a wide variety of talents, so we would strongly consider hiring two compatible individuals to share the position, combining into one full-time position.

Ideal candidates will have attended spiritual or educational retreats themselves and have a deep respect for the importance of spiritual work. They will have done some psychological or inner work and be committed to ongoing spiritual development. They will also be willing to practice decision-making within the context of listening to inner guidance.

The Manager(s) will report to the Light on the Hill Board of Directors, and support founders Alice McDowell and Larry Muscat as they continue their roles as Spiritual Directors at Light on the Hill. Residence on the property is a required condition of the position, and the position does include onsite housing in addition to compensation and benefits. Click here to access a full job description. For additional information on the position, you may contact Board members Andrea Mooney at or Dave McCune at (607-592-1445).

To apply, send a resumé (with references) and a cover letter describing what draws you to this position and how your background, experience, and vocational calling make you a good candidate. Send materials via email to Dave McCune, President, Light on the Hill Board, by November 8, 2019.

Full Description below under the 'Requirements' tab.


Light on the Hill Manager(s) Job Description
With responsibility for the smooth operation of the Center, the Manager(s) will be self-directed,
with an ability to work with others to bring a vision to fruition. They will have skills in
management, communication and outreach, and hospitality. Living on the land, on site, is a
requirement, and the Manager(s) must be available to work non-traditional hours, including
evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed. It is important that they embody the mission to
support people who wish to engage in deep inner work and pursue a spiritual life themselves.
Spiritual Support
• Participate in weekly meditations with the Spiritual Directors and other staff
• Listen with supportive attention to individual retreatants or other visitors who disclose
challenges or spiritual questions they have
• Work towards creating a sacred space, observing boundaries and silence (e.g., no chatting
or sharing information about the outside world)
• Develop systems to facilitate personnel management, scheduling, communications,
advertising, and other needs
• Manage all aspects of the food preparation, including contracting and overseeing cooking
staff, food safety, and accommodation of group leaders’ special food requirements
• Contract and oversee cleaning staff for the lodge, 3 cottages, 2 huts and chapel
• Manage and oversee the work of Caretaker/groundskeeper(s), and perform as necessary,
maintenance of buildings and grounds, including emergency response to any needs as
they arise
• Oversee the financial operations of the center, including maintaining records, entering
income and expenses in Quickbooks, preparing documents for tax purposes and audits,
and submitting regular reports to the Board
• Ensure appropriate and accurate financial reporting, record keeping, compensation, and
employer practices in all matters concerning employees
• Monitor, with the caretaker, the online Google maintenance calendar for regular
maintenance tasks such as window washing, servicing of generators and HVAC, water
systems, trail clearing, etc.
• Meet with fire safety inspectors, health inspectors, and other professionals who oversee
• Check and initial fire alarm logs in lodge
• Oversee food stores for lodge and cottages, placing and picking up wholesale food orders
or purchasing groceries as needed
• Maintain supplies/parts for mechanical systems as appropriate
• Coordinate and sometimes perform repairs and improvements to buildings as needed
• Work with leaders and retreatants before they arrive to prepare them for their visit
• Prepare the lodge and cottages before groups and individual retreatants arrive
• Greet arriving group leaders and individual retreatants, welcoming them to the property
and introducing them to the facilities
• Be available to answer questions as needed
• Prepare meals as needed and deliver dinners to individual retreatants in their cottages
Communication and Outreach
• Respond to all personal and electronic inquiries about retreats, programs, and facilities
• Maintain calendar, including scheduling of individual and group retreats and discerning
which programs are suitable for LOH
• Create and sign written contracts with group leaders using the facilities
• Maintain and update the LOH website and Facebook page
• Communicate with the LOH community via special flyers and regular mailings, including
promotion of program offerings, announcements, newsletters, and possible reflection
• Develop effective marketing to grow the LOH mailing list, attract spiritual
leaders/teachers to hold their workshops at the center, and increase attendance at events
in the lodge
• Cultivate a meaningful relationship with our loyal supporters, including providing small
donations to local Van Etten community, acknowledging all gifts, and reaching out to the
community for support
• Help with fundraising
• Practice on a spiritual path and interest in supporting others on their path
• Self-directed, organized, and attentive to detail
• Ability to multi-task and manage multiple, sometimes competing needs at the same time
• Excellent communication skills for interface with the public, retreat leaders, and
managing staff
• Desire to live in a rural setting
• Experience with building maintenance, landscaping, vegetarian cooking, record
keeping/bookkeeping, marketing, social media, fundraising, and hospitality
A total compensation package of approximately $52,000, including salary, health insurance,
housing, some utilities, and meals.
• Salary of $36,000/year, with an initial 3-month trial period set at $33,000/year
• Healthcare coverage of up to $3,000/year
• Housing provided
• Meals during group retreats at the lodge
• Utilities are subsidized as follows: internet and phone service fully paid by LOH; propane
fully paid by LOH; one-half electrical costs paid by LOH; firewood provided within
reason, as long as sufficient firewood stores exist for cottages and lodge firepit, but
Managers may need to purchase their own firewood as well

How To Apply

To apply, send a resumé (with references) and a cover letter describing what draws you to this position and how your background, experience, and vocational calling make you a good candidate. Send materials via email to Dave McCune, President, Light on the Hill Board, at by November 8, 2019.

If you have more questions, please contact Dave McCune (email above), 607-592-1445 or Andrea Mooney at

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