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Native Pond LLC
November 8, 2021
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Robert Shaw


We are seeking a hard working, skilled and articulate person with a degree in an associated field who has an interest in horticulture and organic gardening. The successful candidate will be comfortable working and communicating with a variety of people and will bring excellent skills in time management, self-directed task planning, and research/monitoring. They will cultivate flowers, grasses, shrubs, trees, and advise on landscape design. Knowledge of or willingness to learn arboriculture and orchard skills will be a plus.
The candidate will work closely with a small team of professionals on a private estate that focuses on native habitat restoration.
·      Cultivate, propagate, and transplant flowers, shrubs, and trees
·      Organic vegetable and fruit gardening
·      Maintenance of irrigation system as needed
·      Follows plans and specifications, inspect, and direct the planting of landscape material associated with improvement, beautification, and erosion control
·      Create and adhere to various watering and feeding schedules
·      Plan new growth planting patterns in distinct seasonal changes
·      Identify and eliminate detrimental insects or plant disease
·      Ability to adhere to a predetermined budget
·      Operate a variety of mechanical equipment
·      Invasive plant management
·      Prescribed fires for meadow management
·      Turf and lawn management
·       Knowledge of and skills typically acquired through graduation from high school; knowledge of basic science math, and communication and at least two (2) years of work experience with landscaping, organic farming, and/or resource management. Preferred: some college education or degree in horticulture or a relevant environmental science field
·       Knowledge of plant and tree anatomy, physiology, and growth requirements; ability to identify a variety of plant material.
·       Knowledge of plant diseases, insect problems, and appropriate control measures.
·       Knowledge of organic farming practices.
·       Skill in landscape construction techniques and knowledge of basic design
·       Knowledge of irrigation systems and their components.
·       Knowledge and ability to apply proper pruning principles.
·       Knowledge and skills in using standard materials, tools, and equipment required in arboriculture and landscape trade, (including chainsaws, hand saws, pruners, hedge shears, roto-tillers, back pack sprayers, tank sprayers, shovels, rakes, hoes, tampers, pick-up trucks, tractors).
·       Ability to adapt to additional equipment as assigned.
·       Knowledge and ability to safely remove hazardous trees.
·       Knowledge of preventative maintenance and minor repair of equipment.

How To Apply

  • Please submit resume and letter of interest to staffatnmnp@gmail.com
  • Resumes will be reviewed during December/January 21/22 and interviews conducted in the first weeks of February, 2022.
  • Salary and start date will be negotiated.
  • All applicants will receive replies.