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Executive Director

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Eyes of Freedom
January 15, 2023
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Su Lok


The Executive Director (ED) of the Eyes of Freedom, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has the opportunity to lead this innovative organization and position it for long-term growth and financial sustainability. The ED will engage with various business and community stakeholders to further the vision and mission of the Memorial in support of Veterans. In this role, the ED will provide strategic oversight of the organization’s operations, including communications, the identification of exhibition host sites, and staff management. The ED will collaborate with the Board of Directors in support of the organization and will lead the strategic fund development planning efforts. The ED will develop a business plan with the Board to execute that strategy which will incorporate the following responsibilities:

Fundraising and Development: Maintain primary responsibility for the organization’s fundraising and development strategies. Establish and implement a comprehensive strategy that positions the organization for financial stability and growth. Identify and contact prospective corporate sponsors and individual donors. Direct stewardship activities and acknowledgement of all contributors, including key corporate partners. Collaborate with the Board on fundraising solicitations. Research and prepare grant applications to secure federal and foundation funds. 

Community and Stakeholder Relations: Build relationships with external constituencies to further the mission of the Memorial. Cultivate partnership opportunities that best leverage the assets of the organization for long-term sustainability and growth.

Exhibition Booking Strategy: Responsible for the strategic makeup of the traveling exhibition bookings. Develop relationships with existing and prospective event hosts to generate sustaining interest in the Memorial. Identify new event host prospects. 

Branded Merchandise Strategy: Develop strategy plan for Memorial merchandise. 

Board Support: Collaborate with the Board Chair to support all Board meetings and committee sessions. Engage with all Board members to ensure timely communications and operational best practices. Support Board member development and governance. Oversee Board-related administration activities.

Financial Management: Provide oversight of the financial and operational management of the organization. Prepare the annual budget and monitor the monthly financial outlook and projections.

Operational Management: Manage the traveling exhibition team and staff.

Communications: Lead internal and external communication strategies and activities, including marketing, communications, public relations and social media channels. 


How To Apply

Interested candidates are asked to email their cover letter and resume to: 

Su Lok, Three Rivers East, LLC