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February 23, 2023
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Kathy Armbruster


Job Summary

Audiologists at Heartspring are strategic partners.  We are tasked with interdisciplinary collaboration to provide the best comprehensive services possible to our children and families.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct audiology assessments, diagnosing, re-assessments, and make recommendations using pediatric assessments and industry best practice interventions.
  • Develop rapport with family and child to involve family’s input and priorities in the therapy plan and home program.
  • Create individualized recommendations and measurable goals based on the child and family needs and the interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Implement recommendations that are established by the industry and best practices with pediatric research and practices that align with Heartspring philosophy.
  • Maintain records of professional, accurate and timely (average of 2 days from DOS) documentation on each child on the audiologist caseload using industry best practices and meets payor requirements within practice standards.
  • Meet or exceed billable procedures per month and worked hours per month to ensure sustainable model of care.
  • Follow KDADS and ASHA code of ethics, and all Heartspring policies and procedures.
  • Customer Service – ability to interact appropriately with a variety of individuals with varying needs within a timely matter.
  • Clinical Outcomes – ability to use best practice interventions in an individualized manner to demonstrate positive clinical outcomes for the child and family with a comprehensive interdisciplinary team.
  • Industry Best Practice Interventions - ability to learn and implement audiology best practice interventions in the individualized therapy plans for the child and family.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration – ability to create a positive work environment that fosters interdisciplinary team collaboration and coordination of therapeutic best practice interventions.
  • Effective Communication – ability to communicate in written, verbal and non-verbal communication with others to seek solutions and implement most ideal plan.
  • Relationship Building – ability to develop rapport and struggle with team members towards a solution.
  • Adaptable – ability to provide billable services and sustain attention with interruptions and/or distractions of the scheduled plan.
  • Participate in training and supervision of clinical education programs for audiology students when needed.
  • Participate in outreach to the public and medical community through attending events, networking and participating in content of marketing materials.
  • Participate in pediatric professional organizations and remain current and updated in literature and technology related to the field of audiology.
  • Participate and encourage innovation and exporting knowledge and skills to new areas of practice and development.

How To Apply

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