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Non profit needs board change (No replies)

3 years ago
Lara24 3 years ago

Hi all. Hoping for some help on an issue at a small local non profit. Sorry if the topic is out if place. Im just a volunteer and fairly new to the non profit world. The board of directors at our non profit don't do anything. They have all been in place for years (the chair I think has been in their position for close to 10 years). And they have the bylaws set up so they can be in place forever. They have also cut the number of board members and refuse to consider new members (and others in the community want to get involved). The board is stopping all positive growth, new projects, certainly not helping/supporting the mission. Is there any thing that can be done? They don't "own" the non profit I know but it feels that way. I can't find any info on how to make changes from the outside. Is that possible?

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